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The Golden Snitch charm is Pandora UK’s must-have Harry Potter accessory – price and how to buy it!

Pandora have just released a stunning range of Harry Potter charms and they’ve arrived just in time for Christmas. With Christmas less than a month away, the need to start shopping for gifts for friends and family is getting closer and closer to our minds. Luckily, Pandora has just released a range that is sure […]

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Pandora has just released a Harry Potter collection

Written by Lea Asmelash, CNN Pandora has won over its customers for nearly 40 years, particularly with its ubiquitous bracelets. Now the company is adding a bit of magic – of the Hogwarts variety. Pandora on Thursday abandoned its Harry Potter collection, consisting of 12 products, including charms, pendants and a bracelet. All are inspired […]

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Pandora Jewelry explores data to revamp its brand experience

For years, Pandora Jewelry has sat comfortably at the top of its class. And then he noticed a baffling mystery: a drop in customer consideration. “People know us,” said Charisse Hughes, CMO at Pandora Jewelry. “The question is, why aren’t they buying?” Hughes led a two-and-a-half-year effort to get to the bottom of this problem […]

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Shopping bags £ 125 Pandora bracelet for only £ 29, but not all bargain hunters agree it’s a good deal – The Sun

Admit it – the first thing you want to do after making an amazing deal in the stores is brag to everyone who will listen to it. Well, that’s precisely what one savvy shopper did when she bagged what she thought was a £ 125 Pandora bracelet for just £ 29 in the sale. 4 […]