Pandora jewelry

Jewelry fans can’t get enough of Pandora’s dupes for a fraction of the cost

Amy Roberts noticed similarities between Pandora and Warren James

Amy Roberts noticed that many Pandora pieces had dupes in Warren James for a fraction of the price

Anyone who owns a Pandora piece of jewelry is absolutely going to be kicking their ass right now.

A savvy mum spotted an almost identical dupe on the high street for a fraction of the cost of the high-end original.

Amy Roberts from Yorkshire shared a post on her Facebook page of all the Pandora dupes she found at the high street store.

She captioned the post: “Warren james vs Pandora,” and in no time the post went viral.

Amy shared 18 side-by-side images of the products you can buy from Warren James with prices ranging from £14 to £39 – considerably cheaper than any Pandora item.

The post quickly went viral with thousands of jewelry fans praising her discovery



The most expensive Pandora piece was her Round Sparkle Halo, which usually sells for £120 on the Pandora website, but at Warren James you can buy it for just £19 – a bargain.

It received almost 3,000 likes, 11,000 comments and 17,000 shares in less than a week.

And it’s left many Pandora fans wishing they’d done their research before splurging on the high-priced pieces.

Pandora’s family tree necklace is £100, or from £16 at Warren James



One person said: “I’ve been wearing a Warren James dress ring consistently for the past 4 years.

“I don’t take it off to wash or clean.

“It’s not discolored, not bent, the stones are beautiful and bright.

“It costs around £22 so I think that’s a very good recommendation and £22 well spent.”

Another said: “I have the pandora version, look at the money that could have been saved”.

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And a third said: ‘Fuming mate. Cheaper and I bet their stones don’t drop’.

However, one person remarked, “You compare crystal (WJ) to CZ in Pandora…can’t really compare the value of the stone there. Same for most of them here”.

A fifth said: “Pandora One looks so much better!”.