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Pandora Borders Could Close The Gap With James Cameron Sequel

Since its first announcement in 2017, Avatar: Pandora’s Borders had received very little news. However, that all changed with Ubisoft’s E3 2021 conference, which put the game back on the minds of many. Although the trailer was pre-rendered, it gave fans their first real glimpse of what the game should be like. Avatar: Pandora’s Borders turned out to be one of the highlights of Ubisoft’s E3 conference and sparked enthusiasm among fans for the future of the Avatar franchise.

Another to come Avatar liberation comes in the form of Avatar 2, the sequel to the immensely popular film Avatar. It has now been over a decade since the original Avatar movie, and fans have been kept in the dark pending updates on the follow-up. The sequel was announced in 2010, but has suffered eight delays since. These delays have left the film in dire straits, as the big gap between the original film and the sequel can leave fans feeling disconnected from the story. It’s here that Avatar: Pandora’s Borders could help close that gap, subtly bringing fans back to the world of Pandora ahead of the subsequent release of Avatar 2.

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Avatar 2 and Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora Exit

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Reveal Ubisoft

Hopefully and Avatar 2 the release date is correct, 13 years will have passed since the release of Avatar. With that in mind, it’s likely fans will need to refresh their memories before seeing the long-awaited sequel. The original film lasted for a long period of time, during which many important traditions were established. While this can be covered when the film opens, it then occupies a valuable portion of the film covering topics fans are already familiar with. This is where the story of Avatar: Pandora’s Borders could fill a useful role instead, filling in some of the blanks and reminding fans of the history of Avatar.

Yes Avatar: Pandora’s Borders is meant to bridge the gap between the two films, a good setting could be crucial to its success. Yes Avatar: Pandora’s Borders the frame is in the same time frame as the suite, Avatar would end up with the same problem he was already facing. Sounds of Avatar 2 description, the film is set many years after the original film. That’s fine from a sequel’s freshness standpoint, but complications arise if it feels like too much time has passed since the original. Avatar 2 risks overwhelming fans with too much new information, too soon.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’s Place in the Avatar franchise

Walking Mech Avatar

To understand where Avatar: Pandora’s Borders fits into the Avatar franchise, knowledge of the framework Avatar 2 is necessary. Avatar 2 sounds like it’s set long after the events of the original Avatar. The description of Avatar 2 notes how Jake and Ney’tiri started a family together and are now faced with an “old threat”. The humans have returned to the world of Pandora, and they threaten the Na’vi way of life once again. The implication that humans are now an ancient memory, combined with the revelation that Jake and Ney’tiri started a family, suggests the story of Avatar 2 will resume many years later Avatar.

A major clue as to the timing of Avatar: Pandora’s Borders is the release date of the game. While the game and the film are expected to be released in the same year, Pandora Borders is scheduled for release in early 2022, while Avatar 2 is towards the end of 2022. It seems the intention is for both projects to launch in the same window, with the game launching first.

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders The trailer gave very little clue, however, the main conflict in the game is clearly human again, suggesting it will drop in the same amount of time. That, combined with the fact that neither Jake nor Ney’tiri appeared in the trailer, might suggest that the game will cover the same conflict but from a different angle.

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders will be released in 2022 on Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S.

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