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Pandora employee praised for exposing man who ‘cheated on’ his girlfriend

A woman has stood up for despised spouses everywhere by calling a stranger’s cheating partner on social media.

Posting on TikTok, a girl with the username @ferreiroroche said she served a male customer in Pandora who admitted to buying a ring for his girlfriend and mistress.

She said: “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in MTL (Montreal, Canada), he just bought two rings for his ‘daughter and her side piece’.

“Here are the two rings.

“You deserve better.”

She captioned her post, writing: “I have to support my daughters.”

The clip has been viewed two million times and garnered over 400,000 likes

Many people took advantage of the comments to congratulate the woman for calling the man.

One person said, “I really hope you don’t get in trouble for this cause, it has to be EXPOSED.”

Another posted: “This girl is doing the work of God.

A third replied, “I work at a bank and someone walked in with his wife and I was looking at his statement and Bumble and Tinder Plus were over there. I wanted to tell him.

Someone else thanked her for sharing, claiming they knew the girlfriend. They added, “Thank you very much, I’ll let him know. He’s my best friend’s boyfriend and she’s got the ring. You deserve the world for this, thank you.

If you want to see his epic take down of the alleged cheat, feel free to do so here.