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Pandora’s Borders could prove the franchise wasn’t fluke

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders was one of the biggest surprises of Ubisoft’s E3 2021 conference. The game has been confirmed to have been in development for many years, with little to no news after it was announced. Ubisoft managed to surprise a lot of people by showing the first trailer of Avatar: Pandora’s Borders, giving a taste of what he would do with the Avatar franchise and the capabilities of its new Snowdrop engine. What has been revealed sounds pretty exciting, and it could have even bigger implications for the Avatar franchise.

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders is in a unique position. Not only will it be the first Avatar game in over a decade, but it will also be the first major element of Avatar media for a very long time. After so many years out of public view, it may seem that the franchise was a bit of a fluke. It’s even hard to call Avatar a franchise when it has only a few media, especially when franchises like Star wars where the Marvel Cinematic Universe has an almost constant flow of content. Avatar: Pandora’s Borders has the potential to reverse this perception, and it can do so in more than one way.

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Coming out of the shadows

Avatar: Is Frontiers of Pandora a sequel to the 2009 game?

When the first Avatar film released over a decade ago, it took the world by storm in a way that had hardly been seen before. It combined innovations in filmmaking with a sensational history and managed to become the highest grossing film for nearly ten consecutive years. After all this success, however, the franchise took a back seat. A number of Avatar sequels were planned shortly after the success of the first film, but filming limitations at the time forced them to be pushed back for several years. With the exception of a new themed land in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, nothing else has come from Avatar.

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders has the chance to reintroduce a lot of people to Avatar the franchise on a large scale. The game already looks as technically impressive as the Avatar movie, and that seems like a big priority for Ubisoft going forward. Yes Avatar: Pandora’s Borders really sticks the landing, this could prove that the Avatar franchise still has a few supporters.

Strengthening Avatar’s Success

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The success of the first Avatar the film cannot be overstated. The movie made so much money it took Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of more than a decade of the MCU’s work, barely surpassing its financial success. Yes Avatar: Pandora’s Borders even mimics a fraction of this success in the video game industry, it would greatly reinforce the fact that the Avatar the franchise makes a lot of money. Especially if it rivals other video game franchises that have been around longer than Avatar, Pandora Borders would really legitimize the Avatar franchise as a whole.

Foreshadowing the aftermath of Avatar

Avatar: Is Frontiers of Pandora a sequel to the 2009 game?

One of the biggest problems with the Avatar the franchise is how both absent and ambitious she has been. While the first movie was released ages ago, four more sequels have been in development since then. The next two films are rumored to be titled Avatar: The Way of Water and Avatar: The seed carrier, arrive sooner rather than later.

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders has the opportunity to relate to the next Avatar films and serve as a preview. If the game turns out to be a quality release, it could show that the films are produced with a similar quality and perhaps allay the fears of those worried about a disappointing return for the franchise.

The Avatar franchise has managed to cement itself in pop culture with just one movie, and Avatar: Pandora’s Borders has a chance to show players exactly why he is so successful. While the franchise has been dormant for some time, it looks like it’s gearing up for a comeback. it will still be a while before Avatar: Pandora’s Borders Where Avatar 2, but so far things seem optimistic.

Avatar: Pandora’s Borders is slated for release in 2022 on Luna, PC, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X / S.

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