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Pandora’s Keith Haring collection is instantly iconic

The legacy of iconic New York artist Keith Haring lives on, in part in the various murals and other works that are still proudly displayed throughout the city. Now you can also take a small piece with you every day.

On Thursday, Pandora released its first-ever artistic collaboration, a tribute to Haring. Her instantly recognizable style and famous images, like the barking dog and the baby angel, have been reimagined in a 12-piece collection including charm bracelets, rings, necklace and earrings. Designed in two metallic tones with pops of color, they are released in a limited edition until November 29.

Haring’s work as an artist and activist centered on access – to art as much as to education and health care. In a statement, Pandora shared how closely its values ​​mimic their brand mission. The collection’s goal is to “celebrate its pioneering vision that art is for everyone, aligned with Pandora’s promise to create accessible jewelry that allows everyone to express themselves in their own way.”

Affordability and quality have long been key to the brand’s success, and this collection follows suit. Pieces start at $70 and range up to $300 for a two-tone sterling silver and 14k gold-plated link necklace.

Considering that an original Haring artwork will set you back around $20,000, this collection is a bargain.

Over the years, there have been many iterations of products adorned with Haring artwork: clothing, coolers, tote bags (to name a few). But this understated, delicate collection is a great way to honor a legend — and look good while you do it.

Check out the collection below and head over to Pandora to shop.