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PSA: Matching Pandora jewelry is available and here’s who you can get it for

Speaking from experience, whenever I feel like spicing up my outfit or my usual outfit of leggings and sneakers, I go for some sort of jewelry accessory, whether it’s earrings, layered necklaces, or rings (I’m always trying to add more bracelets to my line of accessories). Some of you might already be jewelry experts, but if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your accessory look, I know the trend for it: matching jewelry. Now listen to me. Matching jewelry might not be your usual trend (you might be a lonely fashionista and I respect that), but it definitely should be, especially if you want to pair up with that special someone in your life.

Matching jewelry offers a stylish way to amp up the usual accessory but with another person. It can be anything from charms to rings and even a bracelet. Versatile? All signs point to yes! But the best part is that with so many options to choose from, you can 100% find something for anyone, even your pickiest friend thanks to from Pandora plethora of jewelry options (hint: they make great gifts for any occasion). If you’re not convinced, then trust me when I say you will be after seeing all the people in your life you can match jewelry with.

your best friend

Courtesy of Pandora.

Crafted in sterling silver, the Separable Friendship Puzzle Piece Hearts Dangle Charm is the perfect reminder that some fit together like puzzle pieces. Designed to match, it features two pendants that combine a cut-out heart with a puzzle piece decorated on one side with colored stones. But that’s not all. It is also engraved with a message that reads: “My missing piece” and the charm can be placed on a Pandora keychain, bracelet or necklace.

Your sister

sister charm

Courtesy of Pandora.

The sisters can fight, but at the end of the day, you know it’s your ride or die. Show your built-in best friend how much you love him with this charm that celebrates family and the joy it brings. You and your sister can wear this engraved 14k rose gold plated heart that dangles below a sterling silver heart bearing the word “Sister” on a Pandora keychain, bracelet or necklace so you’ll never forget how much it matters to you. .

your aunt

Royal Swirl Tiara Ring

Courtesy of Pandora.

For some, their aunt is like a second mother to them. And what better way to show it than with the Royal Swirl Tiara Ring. Crafted in sterling silver, this aristocratic piece features a tiara adorned with three sparkling stones and a swirling filigree. It’s a majestic piece that she’s guaranteed to love and cherish all her life, and if you want to match it, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself like a queen too.

Your grandmother

charm for grandma

Courtesy of Pandora.

Grandmothers are the matriarch of the family, so why not show her your appreciation with this triple dangle charm. Crafted in sterling silver, the Triple Family Infinity Pendant features a family tree inside an openwork heart, an infinity sign decorated with a sparkling pavé and an engraved “Family” disc. These three powerful symbols represent closeness, making this the perfect charm to pair with.

Your mother

Sparkling Infinity Necklace Yes, matching jewelry is the accessory of the season Here's who you can get it for

Courtesy of Pandora.

The delicate Sparkling Infinity Necklace Necklace symbolizes a love that lasts for all eternity, making it the perfect piece to match your mom. Inspired by the eternal bond between a mother and child, the necklace dazzles in sterling silver and features clear cubic zirconias for added sparkle. It is ideal for styling with other infinity-inspired pieces such as the Simple infinity band ring.

Your partner

charm for partner

Courtesy of Pandora.

The Shooting Star Double Hearts Dangle Charm is the perfect lucky charm to give to your partner, whether for Valentine’s Day, their birthday or just because! This charm features a 14k gold-plated heart, decorated with a constellation of sparkling stars. The second pendant is a sterling silver heart engraved with the message “You are my galaxy”. Get one too to remind you of your love for them, even in difficult times.

Tie it all together

Heart bag charm holder

Courtesy of Pandora.

With all those charms in your arsenal now, you’ll need a place to keep them. Cue it Pandora Moments Tiny Heart Bag Charm Holder. Crafted from sterling silver, it features a heart-shaped pendant and a disc that can be engraved with your personal mantra. Wear up to three of your favorite pendants and charms and make your bag a true testament to who you are.

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